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Second Week

Well, all my classes are quite all right. Except I must reserve judgement on one of them because we haven't had it with the real prof, yet.

In other news, we are a club! A Real Club! Well, we still have to get ourselves elected, but other than that, we have the minimum number of people to be an official club, and we expect to have twice as many by the end of tomorrow, and wheeeeee we're a club! Excited, excited, excited.

Downside of the morning, we got there on time, and they were giving away tables of people-who-hadn't-shown-up, and we were told to go and claim tables if they weren't claimed by the time we'd got there. So, we did. And then the people who'd signed up for the table but shown up late... er... showed up, and acted snippy, and then I came perilously close to messily murdering some business students but the point is, we ended up sharing a table with the Zombie Militia, of which I am now a member, because we need to learn to protect ourselves from the shambling hordes of the undead that apparently infest the campus, and then most of them joined our club (the militia, not the zombies), which has a very long acronym but boils down to us sitting around and watching movies and TV and reading books and talking about books and making things that have to do with sci-fi and fantasy, and that was a very long sentence.

I also skipped class. But I got the opportunity to perform the Wash dinosaur sketch to frightened Asian girls, who may or may not have actually understood what I was saying, so I call it a good day.

Tomorrow I have no class, and so it will be Table, Table, Table all day, and I sincerely hope we get a real table tomorrow, not that the Zombie Militia and their live (so to speak) demonstrations on How To Kill Zombies didn't attract attention and also people whose interests tended to overlap with our aims. People who fear zombies = people who read comic books/watch Star Wars/etc.

OMG stop calling them Tories. Argh.

Anyway. One-page paper to write, some reading to do, and an LJ community for the SFUSFFC to create. Not to mention vast amounts of caffiene to consume. ;)

EDIT: There is now an sfusffc community. Additionally, what the FUCK is up with the pasted-on-moustache commercial? Are the rightwing nutbags *kidding* with this? For ten seconds or so, I thought I was hallucinating, except that the strongest drug I've had today is caffiene. Cut-and-paste? Seriously? What are you, Harper, eleven? o.O
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