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Goals for 2006: a bit late, but relevant.

1. Graduate. Whee! Finish applications to UBC.
2. Acquire, in order: a) shitty short-term job until end of Spring semester, b) shiny office job for summer, at least. Keep latter.
3. Move to Vancouver with dragonfly13 and calantha42. Reduce bills. Rejoice.
4. Submit new run of short stories to various magazines. Fear not the rejection slips. At least they'll have friends.
5. Finish CvsE. Finish CvsE. Finish CvsE.
6. Edit CvsE by the end of June.
7. Submit CvsE. To someone.
8. Write ten chapters of Peacemaker. Edit same.
9. Make up damned mind about next school year. No panicking.
10. Defuse panicking with laser tag, distracting activities at discretion of future roomies, etc. Continue to not panic.
11. Re-record recorded songs. Record new ones.
12. Blue Day project. Get. Off. Ass. Co-opt innocent civilians.

Had more. Forgot them.

In the Paxverse, 2006 opens with a plague in South Africa, the opening of the Union Transit System, another plague in India, and another plague in the southern United States. At the moment, we win.

Granville Island tomorrow. Maybe.

EDIT: Ye gods, will you SHUT UP, HARPER? Mandatory minimums. Wonder where you got that idea. And helloooo, NDP? Where are your commercials pointing out the crazy? And the human rights violation jonesing? And stuff? *sigh*
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