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An exciting and fun-filled New Year. (It's 2006, and we're not dead. Hurrah!)

Actually, mik100 and I watched Firefly, ate spinach dip and pizza pinwheels, drank copious amounts of caffienated beverages, and mocked actors. Which is always fun. We did have cake (Holy Cake, which has actually improved since the last time I ate it - it's that frozen McCain Deep and Delicious cake; we've been calling it that since, I think, high school, though my memory fails me as to why) and sparklers at midnight, and watched the fireworks we could see from the waterfront (next year we really, really should go down there for the countdown), and marvelled at just how long people continued screaming after midnight.

Also, dianahobart has not answered her telephone, e-mails, or cries for her attention on LJ for three days, now. I am forced to conclude that she has been eaten by wolves. Or pirates. Kidnapped, not eaten. Or ninjas. Or ninja pirates. Or perhaps foreign spies have abducted her in order to use her knowledge of the fibre arts in a cunning campaign of terror and poly-cotton blends. Any moment now, sweater-vested and stripe-socked ninjas will leap from the chimneys and heating vents of Canadian homes, silencing the residents with bright pink Canadiana. It will be terrible. And ironic. And I am mildly alarmed, but only mildly, that I dredged up enough crafting terminology to write that paragraph. ;)

Seriously, Nadja, where the hell are you? o.O

Nearly finished the Not So Secret Holiday Gift for dragonfly. Three stripes to go. Back to work.
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