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Curse you, Pamela Anderson.

No, this time I really mean it. Spike is doing it again: V.I.P. from dawn 'til dusk for at least the past week, possibly longer. I am actually not exaggerrating. I am just traumatised. I want my Star Trek. Hell, I even miss MacGyver. Yes, I'm scared, too. Last year when they did this mik100 mentioned storming the studio with a Klingon invasion force, but this year, as last year, Klingons in the GVRD are scarce. :(

My Zen is fully-charged, full of lovely, illegal music, and now I will take it (as yet un-named) with me to the grocery store. Whee, soundtrack-of-life. ;)

And while I'm gone, will those of you (dianahobart and mik100, mainly) possibly coming for New Year's please sound off? Mostly votes on What We Shall Watch.
Tags: i weep for the species, irl folk, trek

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