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Ta DA!

Finally bothered to check my grades, as other people posting things reminded me to do so. Result: A in the awesome discussion-group class wherein I was teacher's pet, A- in the Geek-Is-Of-The-Strong mystery lit class, and a solid B in the this-is-my-last-degree-requirement English where I only showed up to half the classes. GPA: 3.5. Hah! Go me. ;)

Done all the knitting, now just the baking and the writing. Can't do the baking right away, as it will go stale. And predictably, can't seem to write with nothing against which to procrastinate. Buggerbloodydamnargh. Still have to do it, though.

Didn't buy Serenity today, either. Can't decide if I'm proud of myself or feel guilty.

Also didn't feed the fishies. Sort of freaking out. Um.

mik100, is your day off tomorrow? We ought to go downtown and take shinies to dianahobart.

Gods. I have done so much knitting the past two weeks I don't think I want to even look at another ball of yarn for a year. Probably it will be less than that but for now, all yarn is anathema. (Makes going into dianahobart's apartment problematic, of course, but we'll deal with that when it comes to that. Sigh.)

On a more pleasant, less neurotic note, of those of you going to New Year's in Toronto, does anybody have snacky favourites? Never you mind why I ask. Just tell. ;)

EDIT: Gods. Does anybody else hate Jennifer Love Hewitt (or however the hell you spell it) as much as I do? Grargh.
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