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Damn you Joss Whedon and your timing. (Or possibly mostly Universal.)

Quick. Someone convince me that I should not go out and use my brand-new shiny sinless empty credit card to buy Serenity today. Because I definitely can't afford it. No matter how pretty and shiny it is. And how much I want it. And despite the matching fanguilt that I will get for *not* giving in to the fangirly compulsion to run out and buy it todaytodaytoday.

Come on.


Oh, who am I kidding? You people are probably the wrong ones to ask.

Especially since my own father telephoned me at nine this morning to ask me again "is it Future Shop or London Drugs which has the best price on Serenity?" It's not my fault. It's genetic.

Yeah. That sounds about right.



In other, slightly less fangirly news, I am almost done with holiday-type presents! *insert triumphant maniacal laughter here* I have a few more things to knit (three, to be precise, or one and one-half pairs of things), and I have to bake some things, and I have to get some current addresses for two people in Nova Scotia (*stares significantly at groundskeeper, not being sure whether bronwyneagles is currently at school, even, as she never answers her bloody email* - seriously, e-mail me your current addy, and tell me one way or t'other? And if she is still there, poke her for me, please?), and those things don't even get sent 'til after New Year's when they're back on campus, and then finish burning a few DVDs, and then I'm done. *repeat evil laughter* And I didn't even spend much money. Bwahah.

So, who of the regular crowd *is* coming to Boxing Day? I know some people said they were going out of town, but it would be nice to know which of you, so I can make alternate arrangements for your presenty-type-things.

Yule tomorrow. :)
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