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Does anybody else see November hit and feel like they've been pre-emptively TV-hoodwinked?

Not two weeks straight of a new episode of *anything* since September. What. The. Hell. Yesterday's Medium was a repeat. Tonight: no House at all, Gilmore Girls a random last-season re-run, and even SVU is somewhere other than where it's supposed to be. Is there even a *reason* for this? It's not even random crappy premieres. It's just disarranged and off-schedule.

Hello, TV Land. I spend forty dollars a month on you. I want to get something out of it.

I think this is why I stopped picking up new shows mid-sixth-season-Buffy and didn't start again until I moved out. Crap like this.


EDIT: They screwed me out of two new episodes of good snark for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?! My rage knows no bounds. And it blames America. Can't it download its quasi-porn from the Internet like the rest of the world and leave my TV alone? >.
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