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I have said it before, and I will say it again.

Fuck the tax cuts.

All of them. Fuck the distraction tactics, fuck the bullshit moderate politicking spewing forth from the maw of Stephen Harper. Fuck the whining and bitching. And fuck everybody who would rather have a tax cut than a functioning social system.

Know what? I don't care. I will cheerfully pay the taxes. I'd pay higher ones without complaining. Hell, the federal government used at least some of that surplus to take fifteen hundred bucks off my student loan debt. And, okay, it would be drastically cooler if I didn't have to borrow in the first place, if they'd just pay for it, but as it is, fifteen hundred bucks less is a good thing, and I don't hear the Republicans Conservatives trying to woo students. Pity for them, because our particular age group and intellectual bracket is much more likely to vote in horrified paranoia of Harper's badly-disguised - pardon the expression - unCanadian bigotry and general evil than for to get tax cuts on taxes we don't really pay anyway. The only reason we have such widespread high-end social programs is because of the fact that we pay the highest income tax of any G7 country in the world.

So. Morons. Let me say this slowly, so you can understand me. Taxes. Are. A government's. Only. Legitimate. Income.

He actually went on TV and said that he thinks all taxes are bad.

How... how... I just... does he... *splorch*

That sound, just there? Was the part of my brain that occasionally expects rationality in humans exploding.

If you need me in January, I'll be over there, wearing a Rock the Vote hat, harrassing people at Production Way. *eyeroll*

And... seriously. Harper the Hut. Now it's in my head, it will never go away.

...damnit, Layton. You are messing with my head. I am so angry with you, and now you're going on TV railing against Wal-Mart.


Two more classes. Now, sleep. Tomorrow, bloodless coup. Who's in? >.
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