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Panicky leftist ranting. Ignore if you so desire. (And also school.)

Although in Jabba's defence, he would probably have no problem with gay people.

Just watch. That creepy bastard gets into power and he gets away with yanking the gay marriage laws, and next think you know, he'll be repealing the Morgentaler rulings, all while eliminating the welfare programs that actually allow teenage mothers to graduate secondary school.

And then Quebec will break off and float away across the Atlantic, our pay-as-you-go medical insurance cards will arrive in the mail (postage-on-delivery, of course), and eggbeaters will rain from the sky.

I'm for colonizing the moon. Who wants to come with? >.<

Finished my Mary Sue Sherlock Holmes paper. Actually went *over* on the word count, and had to fiddle with the page break font sizes to make everything fit. There is hardly anything academically more annoying than making everything fit perfectly, to a line, in ten pages, and then having one line protrude onto the eleventh page. But I made it fit, so all's good. Also I think it may actually be pretty well-written. I re-edited it this morning, and there's an actual argument there, and everything.

We're having a party in mystery lit. Junk food and everything. We also got the prof a gift - a mystery encyclopaedia, or something, and a gift certificate to the funky little mystery store on - I think - Cambie, downtown. We were supposed to contribute a dollar. I got out of this by offering to make the card. Which turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

This is the Week of Final Classes. tomorrow I have my last class and tutorial in ENGL 205, which I may not actually attend as it is supposed to snow *way* more than is healthy or sane for Vancouver. It's a 200-level class, and it was just going to be review, so I'm not really worried about that - though I didn't go on Wednesday, either, and I do try not to miss two classes in a row. o.O Anyway, if I can't *get* there it's not my fault.

Two take-home exams left to write, ten pages each. Both due on Dec. 7th. If I have any brains, I will finish the mystery lit one before Sunday and that way, I'll be totally free to freak out over the HIST 432 paper on Sunday when I meet School!Jen and Bonnie downtown. We hardly ever accomplish anything, but the shared angsting is comforting. After that, just the 205 exam on the 14th.

Class, soon. Must go.
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