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Today: I applied for admission next year, and the government fell.

Dear (Former) Parliament:



Why is everyone so ignorant that they're getting away with this? Gods. I have never been so disappointed in the NDP. Or as disturbed by the very existence of the Conservatives. And will everyone please stop calling them Tories.

Oh, sure, Harper. "Bright new future." Bright, ten-million-dollar future filled with torches and pitchforks. Which would, I guess, be the light part.

"Trust in government?" WHAT?! You people are clearly too stupid to vote.

Y'know what? If they're so desperate for "change," how 'bout we go back in time two weeks and pass a law that requires a no-confidence vote to be preceded by a referendum?

Morons. Selfish, naive, ignorant, shortsighted IDIOTS. And I mean that in the ancient Greek sense. I don't think I can watch this anymore. Watching percentage after percentage just makes me want to crawl under something and stay there until February.

*sigh* I owe UBC sixty dollars, now. The Universe owes me chocolate, raining from the sky. >.<

I need to visit advisors of some kind at UBC. Mostly to figure out what the hell the requirements list of bits-of-paper-I-must-submit actually means. In several places it asks for more than one transcript for things, and I'm not sure this is actually possible. Er. So. dianahobart? Wanna lead me someplace helpful sometime soon? *hopeful blinking*
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