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Despite being extremely bored with this book, by now...

"...while we have successfully banished nature from our immediate domain, we find we must constantly be on guard against the 'natural' elements of 'human nature,' which can still threaten the purity of our private realm. Hence, we make another separation between what have been called the 'primary' and 'secondary' human worlds, so that the merely biological elements of our own domain can at least be kept in check and not be permitted to interfere with our favoured cultural ornamentations."
--Neil Evernden, The Social Creation of Nature

Don't you hate it when you suddenly get dragged back in, kicking and screaming, and realize that damnit, now I'm going to have to read this again and this time pay attention, as it was published a year earlier than it would have to be published for it to have been read by Peter MacPine.

...okay, maybe you don't. Um. Right.

Almost done!

Nearly four AM. Have to get up at six. Not so much sleeping, methinks. Except maybe this way I can do the reading for class, go to first class, print out paper, then curl up and sleep 'til second class. Haven't done that for a while.


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