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Went into Ridge tonight, to vote in the municipal election, and to see Harry Potter again with Mum and lilymc. Last time, everybody I voted for got in. It's the only time I've ever voted for somebody that has won. It was nice. Not so great this time.

I hate our democracy.


Ignorant asshats.

So, now, we have the Liberals in charge of the province, the Wal Mart capitalist as mayor in my home town, and soon, possibly, the right wing nut jobs in charge of the country.

Times like these, I want to flee to somewhere saner. But, hell. In Canada, already. Where does one go? No other planets, thus far. Damnit, damnit, damnit.

Bits and pieces, slowly. Gods. Probably can't actually take over the world, and anyway want instant gratification. Want political sanity, now, don't want to wait. Want free post-secondary and well-organized urban centres and anti-pollution strategies and social accountability. Now, no waiting. WANT TO SET THINGS ON FIRE AND THEN SCREAM LOUDLY IN PUBLIC PLACES: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, WE ARE ALL PAINFULLY DOOMED AND WE APPARENTLY DESERVE IT.

Feeling less than coherent, you may have noticed.

Although, not quite convinced frustration and anti-social violent impulses aren't better than ignorant apathetic shit that got Gordy Robson into office.

(ETA: His slogan was "Gordy Robson should be mayor." No kidding. I miss the Morses.)


Need to go scream into something, now. Will probably be a pillow, as is late.

And no idea whether going out tomorrow morning for the chocolate buffet, as friends have vanished.

*not angsting over anything except politics which is at least redeeming*

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