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One can usually judge the relative emptiness of a given day by the number of pots of tea I make and actually consume (as opposed to making it, drinking half, going to school, coming back, pouring out the cold stuff, etc.) during that day.

I am now making my third pot of the day. Four-cup teapot, makes... my eighth cup, just now.


On the other hand, I just baked cookies. Five of them, because that's how much cookie dough I had left. But now the place is warmer and smells of cookies, which is always good. :)

No NaNo written today. Also haven't done the Annotated Bibliography that's due tomorrow afternoon. Should get on that second thing, at least. Would like to do both, though. Spent an hour and a half lying awake talking to myself, Monday night, about the differences, in Paxverse canon, between natural magic and mutant powers, the influence of Vothan DNA on the biological inclination towards both, the eventual collusion of all these factors plus pollution to create Recessives, etc. I shit you not. An hour an a half. Survey says this is either sad and obsessive or a sign of devotion to a highly-detailed and eventually geek-worthy universe.

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