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Last night I dreamt that as I sat on the stairs in my parents' house, Dad opened the door to a weird herd of animals to hang out in the front hall. There was a giant, shaggy rabbit (Think Bigwig) that kept morphing into a Komodo Dragon so it could eat the dishes of hamburger my dad kept putting down in the front hallway, thoroughly terrifying my sister's dwarf rabbit who up until that point was simply thrilled for the company, but every time he changed Furgy would dash into the pocket of my sweatshirt and sit there, trembling. Our three dogs kept trying to go down and eat the hamburger, and when I stopped them Chowder, who never bites, closed his teeth carefully around my ankle and kept them there, glaring at me, as if he knew why I'd stopped them but wasn't happy about it. Then Mum dragged him upstairs by the collar and locked him in the kitchen. There were also three small gorilla things that did nothing but copulate, changing partners occasionally. I couldn't tell the males from the females but I kept thinking that somewhere on the internet there was probably anonymous gorilla slash.

I kept having to sneak past them to go to the movies. I don't know what it was we were seeing, but it was a premiere of something important, and I was supposed to get there to save seats, but I kept getting lost because the suburb streets kept moving every time I turned a corner. I finally got there and it turned out the theatre was on the grounds of Hammond Stadium, so I had to park at the end of the pedestrian pass-through thingy from the street, and when I did a crappy job of parallel parking I had to move the car - which is when I discovered that the car was feather-light, because I corrected my parking job by picking up the car and straightening it with my arms. Along the alley were people's back yards, and I remember tripping as I ran towards the theatre. I got there to meet my mother standing just inside the doors - apparently we'd missed the movie, so we'd have to try for another premiere tomorrow. We went back to the house and then the next day went through the whole rigamarole of edging past the gorillas and the shape-changing rabbit and I don't remember whether we made the movie or not, but as I was walking back to the car, I realized that Al from Home Improvement had thrown my chinese jacket in the trashcan in his back alley after I'd lost it the previous night. We then proceeded to get into a huge fight over the jacket, as I tried to put it on while throwing clumps of mud through the holes in the chain-link fence. Neither of us got any mud on our clothes or faces, though I know we both landed several shots.

Then when I got back to the house the dragon/rabbit pulled me out of the car and took off behind the wheel, complete with squealing tires.

...the hell? o.O
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