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This is my last semester. How do I still get a shitty enough date that everything I want is already full? Kiddie Lit is full. The really cool-looking Books-That-Have-Been-Adapted-To-Film-This-Last-Century-and-How-They-Muffed-It-Utterly class? Also full. The Creative Writing prof I'm still waiting to hear from - because if it's another "all genre fiction is trash" thing I may have qualms. Because that pisses me off.

I don't want to take super-research-heavy classes my very last semester. I want to be able to get rather good marks without freaking out completely. Because that on top of the potential-grad-school-panic and the increasing-likelihood-of-starvation thing may actually collude to make my head finally, truly explode, and then everything would be worse, because there would be a mess in the carpets, and I'd never get my security deposit back.

Argh, argh, ARGH.

EDIT: Wrong, stupid. Argh. The GoSFU system hates me and always has done. New problem: why is the Enrollment page showing neither a negative balance on my tuition deposit nor an Enrollment Date, despite the fact that I have both the e-mail telling me it's Wednesday morning *and* the magical newspaper with the date and time printed upon it? *headdesk* I'm going to go have to actually talk to a human about this, as there isn't time to wait and slog through the phone tree tomorrow. I hate having to talk to the humans at school. They always make faces at you like you should have been able to manage online, except the website SUCKS and so that's easier said than done. >.
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