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There really are only fifteen actors in the whole damn country. o.O

Oh my gods. Will the theatrical incest never stop? CBC's Shania Twain miniseries has Meredith Henderson playing Shania. She doesn't look anything like Shania, of course, but in Canadian TV that has nothing to do with anything.

Anyway. Meredith Henderson! Was Shirley Holmes of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes! Which was a YTV show that came into existence right when I was starting to seriously fangirl Sherlock Holmes. It was awesome. I would stay up late and get up early to catch this show, though it was hardly ever on. It was a show with Geek Heroism. Also her cute sidekick boy was Geek in Disguise Who Also Kicks Ass Where Shirley Finds it Distasteful, although she knew Kung Fu or something. She presented a... oh, what the hell where they called... those youth awards YTV used to present/may still present but I don't think so? She presented one the same year my friend Pam won one. She's done nothing else since, so far as I know.

Shirley Holmes! Working for the CBC! *geek*

This keeps happening to me. I mean, Alexz Johnson is what's-her-name on Instant Star - she's from New West. I haven't watched Instant Star much, but she was on So Weird, which is that-show-Disney-never-did-anything-proper-about-and-I-wrote-the-uberfic-with. Jewel Staite was a lucky break, but I didn't catch either Flash Forward or Space Cases until they were well in. I'd say I may have killed Firefly, but I didn't get seriously geeky over Firefly until it had already been cancelled.

All these extremely Canadian actors I have loved keep showing up in places where normal humans might see them, and I only know them from shows nobody watched but me. You'd think this would be something I'd be proud and pleased about, but mostly it makes me feel like my extreme lameness and inclination towards super-obscure billions-of-miles-under-the-radar shows as well as my apparent-ability-to-drive-dying-shows-under-by-my-merest-attention is exposed for all the world to see. My curse is probably related to the one that got my mother banned, years and years ago, from watching on TV any hockey games where the Canucks were playing - they lose, every single time. I shit you not. I begin to think, after all these years, that I am similarly, hereditarily, cursed.

It makes me sad. :(
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