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I have now written the first forty pages of The Light of the World THREE TIMES, at different times. I do not know what is wrong with me, that I keep trying to do this book all at once. But I start it, then I put it down, then I pick it back up, and I don't like the way I've done it, so I do it again. Upside: I have plot details now, and complicated family trees/timelines/historical encyclopaedia entries branching off in every direction. So, it's now a proper Paxverse novel. And for some reason it's less intimidating trying to write the book in the alternate timeline that draws on all the uber-complicated crap but doesn't exactly involve itself in it because it... well, happens after all the uber-complicaton has disappeared in a fiery social devolution that killed off half of my cast of thousands.

...y'know, by this point, I may not actually be exagerrating with "cast of thousands." *facepalm*

However. First day, and I'm nearly at 10k. This is faster than I've ever written before. Less coherent, also, but I don't think I've managed coherent once in my writing career and it would be silly to seriously try for it the first time during NaNo. I decided to stop writing it like a book and write it like fic: all the cool bits first from the character-in-my-head-at-the-time's POV, mostly conversations and flashbacks, and then the stuff in between. It's a lot easier. It will make editing a bitch. But the writing is easier.

*sigh* Quantity, not quality. I am suddenly seized by the irrational desire to actually finish NaNo this year. This cannot end well. Especially since I really only have this weekend and next week to focus on it, then it's back to my regular annual sporadic writing pattern.

Hell, if I get 175 pages done and all the major plot points written... I might actually *get* to edit. I hardly ever get to that stage. head hurts.

8,814 / 50,000

Some day there will be twelve-step programs for this.

And then they will come knocking politely at my door and I will hide in my closet with my backups clutched to my chest and an aluminum bat held at the ready. I may be I am crazy, certainly, but I'm using it productively. That's got to count for something, right? ;)
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