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It's *what* time...?

I just checked my account; there's five-hundred bucks there that wasn't there yesterday. Woo. Money. ;)

That means my tuition's all paid up, my loan came through, and all I have to worry about buying 'til April is clothes and groceries. Yayness.

On to other things.

Someone reminded me tonight that I'm going to be a legal adult in four (three, now... ;) days. *I'm* going to be legally an adult. An *adult*. I'm having some problems with this concept.

I mean... me? An adult? Seriously, anyone reading this... can I really pull off *adult*? I have trouble believing it. I *look* twelve, but... do I come across as an adult? I really don't know. Never thought about it. This is freaking me out... o.O

Hmm... that was coherent. I should probably sleep, or something... and stop watching TV.

Mmm... cake. ;)

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