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Things I may have left in California:

Thing one: Half of a set of earrings. Roundish, Celtic knot sort of thing. Looks like this: CLICK ME. Could be anywhere, but I suspect it's at daroos's, if it's anywhere, as that's the only place they were put on and taken off.

Thing two: Apparently, all my harddrive backups. There are four of them, in a CD sleeve, three of them DVDs labelled something like Ari Backup #1, #2, and #3, the fourth a regular CD-R that probably has 19_OCT_2005 written on it in Sharpie. I know I took this out at daroos's house, because we actually looked at something on one of the discs, but it was in my blue folder which was taken out and put away several times.

Interestingly, this is the first time in any con-travel I have lost anything I've not noticed 'til I got home. o.O

So, um, help?
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