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Decisions, decisions...

So, on Monday I will go as River. I will go as River because it involves several of the same costume pieces, and requires little preparation. I will go as Movie River in the scene where she kicks ass. The first time, in the Maidenhead. In the little flowy blue dress. And the boots like my Beloved Boots (IRL folk know the boots of which I speak.)

There are a few problems with this. One: I need a shrug. A black one, to go between the flimsy little sleeveless dress and the Chinese jacket I wore to be Kaylee at the premiere. This isn't really a problem. Two: It is a flimsy little sleeveless dress. I do not wish to freeze to death. I need some method by which to avoid this. I considered leotards and bicycle shorts underneath (lilymc, have you got such things I could borrow? I can't seem to find any of mine) - in general I am too hyper all day Halloween to feel the cold, much, but I don't know. Extra layers would be good. Thoughts? Suggestions?

EDIT: I feel the need to note, somewhere, that the after-school commute this evening was awful. So crowded I was standing up all the way to 22nd Street with people reaching over me to grab the handrail. Argh. And then there was the baby, on the bus, who screamed at such a high octave I wasn't sure whether it was the kid or the brakes of the bus. And then, as I got off the Skytrain, some guy reaching for his cell phone elbowed me on the top of my head.

Yeah. I bet none of your stories end like that. >.
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