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Okay. Did some buying-of-things this morning. Stuff-for-trip status runs thusly:

-something blue
-borrowed iPod, minus transfer cable - get this tomorrow?
-travel bottles
-2 children's books
-new socks (this one isn't really a trip thing, I just needed socks. ;)

-my paper done (ARGHARGHARGH)
-transfer cable

I also bought dinosaurs. ("Mine is an evil laugh!" Dinosaurs. *glee*) I still lack palm trees.

Spent far too long in the Chapters, as per usual. And by the way, there were two sequels to Hunter's Moon and NOBODY TOLD ME? You are all dead to me. :P

I'm not going to pretend that I'm going to work for the next two hours. There is House and then Shut Up Rory Gilmore Girls. So. Er. I will... I will highlight things and make structure. Or... something?

It's only two thousand words, idiot. You can do that in an hour. You just have to sit down and do it. >.<

Lastly, my BLOODY coffee bracelet hasn't come, yet, is now two weeks late, and they've stopped replying to my e-mails. Grr.

Oh. Actually lastly, anarchy! Rejoice! (They're not fining the teachers, and now they've called in The Negotiator. Seriously, my mother says this guy is the pro-union ass-kicker extraordinaire. And he's on the teachers' side, evidently. Hmm.)

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