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The Beast Says:

"The foundation of society is that once a law is passed, we agree to follow it."

...except I'd be willing to bet big money none of the BCTF members or the crowd currently mobbing the Legislature did not vote for you, you dumb fuck. Nor did anyone likely to stand up to you. Which is why you can say shit like that with a straight face. Because no one who did vote Liberal last election is smart enough to watch the news. >.<

(*most definitely does not devoutly hope for a violent riot in which no one is caught, ahem*)

And maybe it's just me, but the law being weeks old and created for the express purpose of blackmailing a union out of a bargaining process the province has been using for decades, just to save money. (Is it just me, or isn't a government supposed to be basically socially responsible, before it's "fiscally responsible"? Isn't the latter without the former more or less pointless? Bunch of whores. I want my revolution.)

Aaaaaand fuck you with a rusty... somethingorother, Stephen Harper. You just get crazier and more boring, don't you? Just listen to me when I tell you to sit down and shut up. It will be much less embarassing for everyone. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

That goes for you, too, Benedict Dosanjh. You switch sides for a pay raise, and you're up on the floor accusing the other side of lack of integrity? Regarding healthcare?! Sometimes I can't even believe they say these things out loud. o.O

I want my bloody coup. Please, Santa? :(

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