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Y'know, I hate Ghost Whisperer.

I say this mainly for its star. I hate Jennifer Love Hewitt a little bit more every time I see her on TV. They apparently cancelled Joan of Arcadia for this piece of unadulterated crap, which itself is a really lame knockoff of Medium, but without the neurosis, the geeky husband, the kids, or apparently the fascinating moral issues. Trust Jennifer Love Hewitt to look at something clever and complicated and think that it totally counts as a new show if she just makes it prettier and shallower.



Tonight's episode a) is currently the only thing on, and b) contains someone much prettier than Jennifer Love Hewitt. And more talented. And more snarky. And inspiring-me-to-write-Firefly-fic.

I am torn. >.<

But let me register my disappointment in him, for the record. Even if technically he's playing someone... y'know... dead.

She's *dating* the doctor who checks out the near-death cases? Oh, gag.

And why does the Token Boyfriend remind me of someone?

That is *way* too normal a name. Although he still has the pompous thing down. Yay. ^.^

Oh, Simon. Stop talking like a normal person. It disturbs me.

Does *every* ghost she meets have such painfully alliterative names?

Does Sean Maher do any role other than Pompous-and-Obsessive-Helpless-Guy?

Who is the Best Friend chick? What else is she in that I've seen? Grargh.

Ohhh. She's *married* to the doctor. Can we say HORRIBLE KNOCKOFF? >.<

That is a really awful haircut. And the necklace is pretty hideous, too. Who thinks they cut her bangs like that because Patricia Arquette has them?

Actually, everything about her wardrobe and everything else looks like they're trying to disguise her haggardliness. That's a funny word. But she looks sort of... skinny and sickly. Which is kind of redundant, talking about who we're talking about, but every time there's a closeup it's really, really obvious.

I made macaroni & cheese casserole. It is *very* good. And now I am very full. Every time I make it I end up leaving nine-tenths of it because you can't make it in smaller portions. Ah, me. But now, leftovers. ;)

So, that was a random aside. The obvious-rip-off-ness of this show is making me feel proprietary and defensive. And making me want to watch Medium. It's even the same station! That is so unbelievably slutty of CTV.

GODS, does she wear anything else but cute little frilly pastel shirts? Get some variety in your wardrobe, Jennifer. Y'know, I just realised I've been watching this show for twenty minutes and I still don't know the character's name. What does that tell us about her acting?

Okay. This is a lot like my hate for Halle Berry in everything I've ever seen her in. How she doesn't play a part, she just dresses up and plays Halle Berry the Super-powered Mutant, or Halle Berry in a Catwoman Costume, or Halle Berry the Bond Girl. I can't decide if it's because they have no imagination, or because directors figure they're shiny and pretty so why bother giving them a character.

I really, really hate the wardrobe. I keep hating it, more and more. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, the camera angles. They're trying to mimic the thing they do with Alison DuBois, where she's not young, but she's glowy and pretty anyway, and isn't that nice? Except in Jennifer Love Hewitt it just makes her look washed-out and dressed-up. And I hate her tiny little purse.

I should stop, now, and change the channel, except I wasn't kidding about there being nothing on. Gods, woman, put on a t-shirt! Something that doesn't make you look like you're uncomfortable and wow, I did not notice until now how awful her jeans are. What's wrong with her jeans? They look really terrible on her, and with that outfit. Oh, gods, I just realized they look baggy like that because ohmygods there is no muscle on her at all, she is a HORRIFIC STICK-FIGURE. Now I understand why she looks so haggard despite the attempted glowy-picture-of-health-effect. Okay, I swear I'm going to stop talking about her clothes now. Except about that necklace. Bad choice, Head Dresser. Bad choice.

Aw, poor Simon. You're dead. And sad. Go figure. The ghost is sad. *eyeroll*

Y'know, this show kind of reminds me of Tru Calling. Which annoyed me for many of the same reasons. I mean, it lacked Jennifer Love Hewitt. But the "Look, Look, Pretty Normal People Have Crazy Loser Adventures Too, But They Do It In Designer Heels Without Messing Up Their Hair" bullshit is was there, is here, and going strong. Also, when a show about psychics fails to hold my attention even long enough for the names of the characters to sink in (I know I've heard their names, but I don't think I've retained them even once) - which, for the record, should only be about three minutes - you may safely assume that it lacks a certain depth. My Suspension of Disbelief is ridiculously, delusionally, sometimes embarassingly well-ingrained. Ask anybody. I think I can say with some authority, then, that this show actually, legitimately, Sucks. It's shallow, it's dull, the characters are un-engaging, the design is repetetive, the dialogue is distinctly un-clever and the atmosphere is not dragging me in. It's not even beckoning suggestively.

Tragically, that means it will probably hang on for multiple seasons.

I blame society.

Stupid people with no taste make me stabby sometimes. *sigh*

EDIT: OMG! Token Black Best Friend is the CSI lab tech who thinks Warrick's a tool!

...oh, Aisha Tyler. Why are you here? Did you do something bad? o.O

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