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I have turned my dentist (and at least one of her daughters) to the Dark Joss Side. We were talking about Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis, because she is a big literary geek, and we made fun of Bakshi, and then I asked her if she'd seen Serenity. She is now excited about going to see it with her kids, and knows she must go THIS WEEKEND, and may even be a Trekkie but I never thought to ask her, so she knows what hopeless obsession is all about.

I should mention I did this with four needles (four needles) of freezing-stuff in me, only half my mouth working, and that rubber dam thing in my mouth.

I am a geek pimp. ^.^

Aaaaand the B&B is closing. That's just... heartbreaking. :(

Still pissed about the strike. Still wishing horrible bloody things on government. Things fairly normal. >.

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