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Why is it...

...that having political conversations with reasonable people has me coming out more infuriated than with idiots?

Oh, wait. >.<

I will now, for lack of patience, articulate my political rage thusly:

FUCK FUCK FUCK you stupid Liberal WHORES! How can you impose a contract and still have it be a contract? I am horrified and terrified and nauseated and saddened and a slew of other things that the people in charge of my home are this deeply dishonest, callous, shallow, materialistic, selfish, short-sighted, stupid, and soulless! How can you dance around with your panties on your head singing about your "democratic mandate" and then treat striking union members like criminals for defying an illogical, unconstitutional, and, let's go ahead and mention it, immoral law that you had no right to pass in the first place? Never mind the BLATANT HYPOCRISY OF YOUR LEADER BEING A DRUNK DRIVER! How are people SO STUPID the discrepancy in messages doesn't make them want to carve up your heads with melon-ballers and dash them against the walls of the Legislature?! Oh, wait, maybe it's because they had too few teachers in too small classrooms with too many students and out-of-date textbooks and no computers and not enough time or space or heart left in them to learn philosophy or social responsibility or ANYTHING IMPORTANT. I have no idea why no one smart has assassinated you yet, you stupid, hypocritical, capitalist, GOAT-FUCKING WHORE, but I hope somebody does, and I wish I was still joking but I am now beyond pithy! And I hope it's something ironic. I hope you get drunk, get in a car, and kill somebody who deserves it. For the irony, a teacher. A really HORRIBLE, CRUEL, BULLYING INEFFECTIVE TEACHER WHO GOT INTO TEACHING JUST TO TORTURE PEOPLE AND MAKE HIMSELF FEEL BIG (you'd get along GREAT), WHO MOLESTS CHILDREN AND EVERYBODY HATES. THAT WAY IT STILL COUNTS AND NOBODY'S SAD.



*ahem* Pardon me.

Er. Yes. Democracy only works when somebody's honest and nobody's a fucking moron.

*SO. MAD.*


*making a grilled-cheese sandwich*


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Oct. 14th, 2005 04:50 am (UTC)
ahem... to quote Douglas Adams (more or less)

"Anyone capable of getting themselves elected should under no circumstances be allowed to take the job."

But if the BCFoL doesn't get off it's ass and help, it will all be kind of pointless.
Oct. 14th, 2005 07:54 pm (UTC)
Oh Ari. I can always count on you for a dose of incoherant rage.

Last night they banned the union from using its strike fund to pay out strike pay or accept help from other unions.
Oct. 14th, 2005 11:03 pm (UTC)
Yes. Hence. *points up*
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