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Giant chicken. GIANT CHICKEN. *glee*

Oh, gods. Is everyone else as sick of Rose as I am? Look at her, singing and doing laundry. She's like Guinan but, oh yeah, without the BEING AN ASS-KICKING SUPER-POWERED ALIEN.

Poor Charlie. Stop making me want to smack you. It upsets me.

Okay. On the list of Reasons to Smother Something in Multiple Feet of Concrete, can we think of any *good* reasons? Like, #317, To Incubate Unicorn Eggs? What is the logic, here? And how does it, if present, make chipping at the concrete sound like a good idea? o.O

Uh huh. That wasn't gratuitous. Go, Kate. Now, if that's all the Jack/Kate time we get this episode, I will be ecstatic.

So is Analucia Jack's bitchy female counterpart? Or Sawyer's? Or some unholy lovechild of both? Which by the way, horrible idea.

So I guess we found another station, didn't we? With people who possibly fell victim to... horrible... diseases. Ooh. Oh, dear. Who hopes the Evil Newfies took Walt elsewhere?

"Cluck you." Garden gnomes. SO HAPPY.

So, Sun has decided to lie to everybody? Huh. I think that makes me like her more.

And... WHOAH. it wrong that I find Bernard being alive really, really annoying?

EDIT: Mary Louise Parker dealing weed just seems so... right. ;)

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