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Head wrong size. Send help.

So apparently there are B.C. politicians encouraging teachers to cross the picket lines (which is just sort of low, "illegal" strike or not). She says "the low turnout rate suggests many teachers want to be back on the job." The voter turnout for this strike vote was apparently lower than the last one a few months back, which the politicians claim is because teachers this time were less enthusiastic about the idea.

Um, actually, lady, the low turnout is because half the teachers high-tailed it out of the country on vacation as soon as the strike was confirmed, like half the teachers from my high school. (This amuses me perhaps more than it should.)

And... I still hate the nasal spray. Should it be making my ears tingle, I wonder? o.O

Still have only two lines on paper. Need 1200 words. Urg. And can't seem to develop appetite for anything. Suggestions for (vegetarian) sick-foods, anyone? :(

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