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Plague, Day 5.

You know your immune system is playing tricks with your brain when you send e-mails to your profs (who probably had to look up your name to make sure you were actually *in* their class) telling them "I have the plague, I won't be in class" and the one-line response you get ("Thank you for notifying me") causes you to add shades of meaning, along the lines of "I'm just so disappointed, I don't know what I'll do" and a sarcastic "well, try and make it *next* time, will you?" all while you're coughing up a lung and something green. o.O

Help me. :(

Teachers: still striking. I haven't actually read the news today, but I can hear the car horns from up by New West Secondary. Good for them, but unless we do have a general strike this does me no good at all. >.< (I kid. Mostly. Teachers good. Slutty government bad.)

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