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*hates sick*

I went to the clinic yesterday, when I started feeling crappy, and the doctor listened to my lungs, had me cough, had me breathe, looked at my throat, and told me to go home and stop bothering him - if it wasn't better in three days, I was instructed to get a blood test. He gave me a form. I recoiled in horror at the idea of three days with the possibility of not getting any better, especially with the blocked-sinuses-on-a-ride-up-to-a-mountain-peak factor in my daily commute to school.

Today Mum and I went to see our family doctor. Doctor Margaret (whose hyphenated slavic family name I can only pronounce with concentration, let alone spell) gave me amoxicillin (pretty much what I expected), called the clinic doctor an idiot, and also gave me something called Nasonex that comes in a spritzy nasal-spray-thingy. I got home, took the amoxicillin. I then ate some pudding, drank some water, and turned on CSI, then sat staring balefully at the Nasonex for the next hour. I hate nasal sprays. I hate getting water up my nose in the swimming pool. These two things are not unrelated.

Finally the pounding in my head and the inability to breathe from either nostril made the decision for me. I picked up the spray. The spray comes with a long nozzle-thing you're supposed to stick up your nose and then squeeze. I tried this three times, failing, then steeled myself. "Okay," I said. *spritz*, goes the spray.


...goes my face.


And I apparently have to do this twice a day for a month.

...urrrggh. >.

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