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...with my family. Dad, doing a Homer Simpson impression, making a circus tent out of his mashed potatoes and then drowning it, the caravan and the elephants in vegetarian gravy. Faya, erupting her mashed-potato-volcano and muttering "Bye bye, Pompeii!". Four dogs lying under the table and making "please-god-I'm-going-to-die-you-haven't-fed-me-in-weeks" faces at us.

And then there was the pie. Which resisted my attempts to eat it, but eventually succumbed.

Mmm. Pie. ^.^

(mik100, I saved you a little of everything. And pie. You going to be up late?)

Later: Serenity, again. :D

EDIT: And then there was jam. Nectarine-Rhubarb jam. Oh. My. Gods. O.O
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