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I just got this e-mail from Travelcuts:


We have received a travel advisory which is self-explanatory:

Travel Advisory - Travel information for customers flying to, from, via the United States
Commencing October 4, 2005, the U.S.
Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security will require
airlines to collect additional Advance Passenger Information (APIS) from
customers travelling to, from, and via the United States.
Under the existing APIS program, passengers checking-in for flights to or
from U.S. destinations or with an itinerary that includes a U.S. destination,
are currently required to provide the following information in advance:

- Full Name
- Gender
- Date of Birth
- Citizenship
- Passport Number

As of October 4, 2005, airlines will be required to collect the following
additional information upon check-in:

- Passport country of issuance (if passport required)
- Passport expiry date (if passport required)
- Travel Document Type
- Country of residence
- For customers travelling to the U.S., address for the first night
in the U.S. (for non U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents)
- Alien registration number, where applicable

Thank you

Some highlights: I'm now required to record my passport number (Except not actually required, because Canadians don't need a passport to travel to the States until 2008, but if you don't have one they frown at you. A lot.), home address, and the address of the place I'll be staying my first night there. Now, okay, I was going to get a passport anyway, already paid for it, but that's just not fair. And in general shouldn't they already *know* the number? Otherwise how else do they check if it's a fake?

I wondered, vaguely, if this constant mention of passports is not some scam they're running with Canada Customs & Revenue to ramp up technically unneccessary passport purchases (because it isn't like the government couldn't use the money), but then I remembered how utterly incapable Cuss & Rave is at getting along with other, Canadian agencies, let alone American ones.

*is probably too unbearably Canadian to be classified as a reasonable witness, but, er?! o.O*

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