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Musical Interlude

I'm nineteen next Saturday! Which is really good timing, since there's a band I want to see playing at the Inn that same day. Yay. :)

Wrote a new song. Our building is having a variety show for some cancer charity in town. I'm considering actually performing at it... but only if Paul goes too. I'm devious, I am. ;)

So maybe I didn't want to go, at first
I waited for the sun
And by the time you reconsidered
The moment was undone
You stood up on your soapbox
Trying to stare me down
I swear, I thought they'd hear you
For miles and miles around

We'd fall into the ocean
We'd fall into the sky
I think they could have seen you
If they'd tried

It wasn't all that long ago
You tried to change their minds
They stood before you, sneering
Because they'd all gone blind
And maybe jealousy
Or maybe I was wrong
And maybe you've been trying
Far too long

It's a little like a nightmare
A little like a dream
And every so often we get too close
And all the children scream
But when the dark got dreary
And ground in the mundane
We'd close our eyes
And close our hands
And pray that we're not sane

There's an mp3 up on My Site. Right-click and select "save target as"... you know the drill. ;)

I should really only play my songs for Keltie and Kimry... 'cause they invariably cheer and grin and tell me it's good, even if I don't think it is. They're like an inexhaustible natural resource... but just for me and my ego. They're great. :D

The floor is very quiet. I don't know why... but it's a little eerie...

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