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I have one fruitfly in my apartment. Just one. I have been calling him You Little Bastard but I think his name might be something else, and that perhaps he wants to be addressed by his proper name before he'll let me catch him. Thing is, by this point I can't just squish him. We have come to hate and respect one another. He has become A Foe. And being a fruitfly, we can't exactly face down in even mortal combat. So really the Great Showdown will amount to me slapping a water glass over him and tossing him outside. But still. *glares*

So, um, I've had this idea for a while. It's probably a very bad idea. And someone else has likely already done it. But, okay. I am a Trekkie. Born and raised, like I was born and raised a Ring-geek. But it occurs to me, whenever I watch Trek on TV, that occasionally Federation History Infodump happens without warning. A *lot* of it happens on Classic Trek. And I was wondering whether anybody had done anything like a detailed, interactive Star Trek timeline online. 'Cause somebody should. My idea involved picking up the DVDs, one by one, from Classic Trek onward, and sitting through each episode with a notebook, then putting everything together in a website. I know there's a Star Trek Encyclopedia, but it's not arranged chronologically at all. It could also have character profiles. It would also, I keep thinking, be good practice for my enormous Paxverse encylopedia/timeline/database/thingy. However, if somebody's already done it...

...have homework to finish before class. Should really, really do that. o.O
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