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I don't know why I always find the TV news more infuriating than text news, but I do.

I mean. Honestly. "Gas prices are high... I know! Let's once again use the least little excuse to demand an election rather than actually co-operating to GET ANYTHING DONE!" Fucking whores. You are government representatives. You're supposed to at least PRETEND YOU HAVE A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.

And look, the new Governor-General is another Very Politically Correct personage. This one's not only "ethnic," she's an immigrant *and* Quebecois. (Somebody's really going for the gold, here.) I kid. I've hardly even heard of the woman, at least not politically. But she appears to be snarky and speaks like sixty languages or something. Thus far, I approve.

In other news... potential m-preg? o.O, really. O.O


EDIT: That poor kid. Dislocations and a mother who thinks creative spelling of her child's name is clever and cool. Honestly. "Emylea?" That's just mean. (This is a pet peeve. I don't hate babies. Really. ;)

MONARCHIST-AT-LEAST-BY-BIRTH EDIT: And screw you, too, Mr. Republic-pushing Freda. Most of us *like* having a Queen. Keeps the politicians subject to something. Something we seem to need. *significant look in direction of Conservative Party, the whores*
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