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For those who knew Kielle...

Most of you are probably aware of the fact that kielle (also known as _redpanda_) passed away Thursday evening.

Some of you were lucky enough to know her well, and many of you may only have known her in passing, through the hundreds of amazing communities she founded and fostered. For those of you who would like to share memories, stories, or just talk to someone else who knew her, kitchendinah has generously offered to host a cross-fandom messageboard, here, for that purpose.

Borrowing thatpalebluedot's words:
There are several forums. One to post personal memories of Kielle, and links to any LJ entries you wish to share. One to post memories of Kielle's fanwork, writings, quotes, story recommendations. And one to post music, photos, or links that remind you of Kielle, or were inspired by Kielle.

There is also a forum for individuals who are willing to lend an ear--a phoneline, a chat, or email--to post their information. If you need someone to talk to, or if you are willing to be a resource for someone to reach out to, this is a place to go.

I felt that this central location was important simply because not all of us are connected to each other, and not all of the people who knew Kielle are on Livejournal.

Me again:
The board requires registration, but it's quick and easy. If you feel so inclined, please come by. And if it occurs to you that there's somewhere else this should be seen, please spread the word. (Especially you LotR folk. None of us seem to be part of any of those communities, and so can't post there.) As I said, we're scattered across a few dozen fandoms and more communities, and tracking down everyone who might want/need to see this is tricky. Everyone is welcome.
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