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Er... nationalist thought?

I seem to have woken up into the really lame hour of Saturday Morning Television that shows nothing but Bratz and Beyblade and myriad other exactly similar shows. And apparently something on CBC called Maple Shorts.

Those of you who are Canadian probably remember how increasingly lame CBC kids' shows are, how they got worse and worse from the eighties onward. Maple Shorts seems to be some kind of badly-organized variety show, with cartoon shorts that may or may not have been made during twelve-minute grab-bag sessions wherein all the animators were extremely drunk. I mean, it has some elements of snark. The current short involves a speeding-out-of-control train containing a psychotic crew and a ninja and a talking woodpecker wearing wellies. However, I submit for you the show hosts, who deliver their hosting services from the front row of an old theatre: a sockeye salmon with false eyelashes and what at first I thought was a snooty Loon but is apparently a Canada Goose wearing a red beret.

And now the goose is rapping.

This is why other countries laugh at us.
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