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Crazy theories (and also lack of studiousness).

As opposed to actually taking notes in Environmental History:

We have just spent the last ten minutes discussing the religious justification for 18th-century American slavery and medicine (yes, I swear there's a direct connection there), using, amongst other things, the biblical story of the thirteen tribes of Man and monogenesis vs. polygenesis.

I will never, ever be able to hear any reference to the thirteen tribes of Man without thinking of Battlestar Galactica, the Twelve Colonies, how Earth is the Thirteenth, and how Christians have actually got it backwards.

Although to be completely fair the idea that the Bible came From Space makes me feel a little more charitable towards two thousand years of Christianity.

Yes. This is what I think about while I'm in class. You're all shocked, I'm sure.

My last really long chunk of "notes" from my mystery lit class rambled extensively about how we were talking about Watson and Holmes as one of English fiction's earliest slash couples (there's a note in the margin about how amazed and in awe I am that "slash" as a term has made it into the vernacular but "fic" I have to explain every single bloody time) and how the class was forming factions on whether Holmes was socially inept, pathos, and turning to cocaine because his only purpose in life depended entirely on other people and circumstance, or lacking only the proper stimulus to "go totally Hannibal Lector," I think I wrote.

Ah, academia. *bliss*

It is very cold. I'm actually glad of this, because it means it's really Fall, and no longer overly likely to suddenly jump up to twenty-something degrees with no warning after lulling me into wearing long sleeves. Bloody psychotic climate.

First off, I TOTALLY CALLED THE QUARANTINE. Didn't I? That's right, I did. I also stick to my "the Island is a machine" theory, though I'm wavering on my Savage Land parallel thing, what with the gigantic electromagnet and all.

I did not foresee the quarantine warning being on the *inside* of the door. Makes me think there's something wrong with the Island itself, rather than Down There. Rousseau did say her team got sick/crazy, and that it co-incided with hearing whispers and Them. So maybe it's not a disease. There are other reasons for instituting a quarantine, after all. One wonders if Down There was there first, or the other thing. I'm thinking the latter, given the beached merchant ship.

So how many people were screaming "DON'T GO DOWN THERE YOU IDIOTS, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" for the whole episode? 'Cause I was. Seriously, what is wrong with these people? Don't they know what happens when you go into dark mysterious holes in the ground, especially while using unreliable lighting devices and climbing equipment? Are these cliches not ingrained enough in culture for them to know? Don't people on TV watch TV?

Oh, and Desmond. Here's my thought: I kept thinking "Huh. That's sort of like a Vengeance Demon, isn't it?" The mysterious helpful stranger offers you a favour or a miracle or a wish, or whatever, and it just as mysteriously comes true? So, he's a... something. Genie. Vengeance Demon. No! LEPRECHAUN! He's totally a leprechaun. Anyway. He's been going around granting wishes (what do you want to bet that right before Mr. Rutherford's death Shannon said something like "I hate you Daddy, I wish you were dead!" and along comes Desmond?) and then finds himself, say, trapped on an magic-alien-disease-ridden (I'm holding onto the alien menagerie thing until proven wrong, damnit) island and needing to find the one person whose wish he granted that trapped him there. Something like that. So he uses his leprechauny powers to mess with the laws of probability and gather all the people he's given favours and crash them there, knowing that "he" (I'm thinking the voice that originally broadcast the numbers) would have to be among them eventually. Like the Caretaker from Voyager.

Something like that.

I don't think he's part of The Others, and I do think they're there because, well, Shannon-hearing-whispers and Walt-a-la-The-Ring, and by the way *shudder*. Whoever They are, they're separate from Him. Which means there's a Sneaky Mechanical factor here as well as an Alien-Disease-Magic-Something factor here. Maybe Mr. Leprechaun has been there a long time, gathering bits and pieces for his fortress. Maybe he's taken the place of someone else. Ooh! A curse.

Or maybe... head hurts.

...this show is crack. it next Wednesday yet? O.O
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