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Ignore this. (No, really.)

I am typing from the couch and I can also type from the kitchen table and my bed more than TEN FEET AWAY OMG this is SO COOL I AM SUCH A BIG NERD bwahah.

I can also check LJ from the couch. And use the mouse. (I figured out how to place the transmitter so it goes *way* further than it did at first. (None of this is likely good for my health. ;)) My apartment is apparently bigger than this thing's intended maximum range. (Hee.)

This will probably get really old really fast. However, I anticipate last-minute papers being LOTS less painful.

I have the keyboard on my lap, and I keep reaching for the post mouse in the middle of the keyboard (which isn't there) like on a laptop, Because it's on my lap, obviously.

I am now typing while walking backward very slowly.


Nope, not tired of it yet. ^.^

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