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Money! :D

I have decided that it is pathetic that I was looking *forward* to paying all my overdue bills. Sigh. However! At this moment in time, or at least as soon as the payments hit, I don't owe anybody any money. Except the government, but who cares about that. ;)

So, here's a telling example of why I can't help being a techwhore. Last night, my parents (my dad specifically) call my cell to gloat over the new cordless keyboard and cordless optical mouse they bought my youngest sister for her birthday - the gloating because they are cruel, and because it was really, really on sale, and so Dad felt they should call me, put me on speaker (Mum and Dad got new phones a couple of weeks ago and Dad is deeply obsessed with the speaker phone feture), and mock me while they install it on her computer. For, like, ten minutes. Dad tells me it was on sale, and that it is the very Logitech cordless-keyboard-and-mouse set I've been drooling over for, like, two years - I couldn't quite bring myself to cough up $110.00 for a keyboard set; almost, but not quite - and that, uh, honey, wouldn't you like to buy one?

I sigh, because my loans haven't hit yet and I have about six dollars in my account, and say that while I'd love one, it will have to wait a while. Dad sighs back, says something about how they might run out if I don't hurry. (PUSHER.) Eventually we hang up so I can eat dinner.

About half an hour later, as mik100 and I are watching the special features of the LOST DVDs, Dad calls again, and asks whether I've ordered the keyboard yet. I say no, my credit card is very full, so it'll have to wait. There is a moment of silence. "Well," says Dad, "I suppose I could order one for you and you could pay me back."

There is a high-pitched noise, I say yes, and then we hang up again.

See? See? My parents. Are DEALERS.

But now I get a cordless keyboard. So. :D

And now Battlestar Galactica is on. Old-style Galactica. Bite me. :P
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