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Tired. Tea. Sleep. But first...

Well, week's not over yet, but I've had one of all my classes. So.

So far, none of my profs are posturing asshats. At least not blatantly. So far as I can tell. None of them are condescending or apathetic (or both) enough to be frustrating/dull/annoying. One of them is all but peripherally blind in her left eye but all that means is I'm probably going to sit on her right next class. She is, however, nerdy enough to be amusing (nerdy profs are the best kind), and says she does less lecturing and more discussing, which is good as half the stuff in this course I've done twice, and if I had to sit through lectures for it again I might do something regrettable and detrimental to my GPA. (Ironically... um. Funny math comment. I'll get back to that.) The nerdy prof (this is 205, my last specifically-required credit and the last lower-division class I'll have to take) lets us choose our assignments. It's called... I can't remember what it's called. Some modern teaching... thing. What's important is it means we get a list of like six things, and we get to choose which ones we feel like doing, how much they'll count, etc. OMG. Actually two of three classes definitely have a creative writing component (the pop lit has an extra-credit thing where we write a spoof of a Doyle or Poe story - bwahahah), and so far I have no. Long. Essays. The longest one I have to do is... I think 1500 words. Lots of presentations, but killer monoliths. Just. *boggle* I would say something like "well, it looks like my head might not explode this semester", but I really oughtn't jinx it and anyway on top of the theoretical (and now quite urgently necessary) three-shifts minimum, my avowed intention of actually going to the gym, and the vague intention I have of working on the campus journal, it just seems unwise. ;)

Upside, none of my classes seem to be painfully agonisingly boring, though regardless of content I can already tell the four-hour block of the Environmental History class will be just as gruelling as the last history seminar I did. But it's the last one! Today we spent two hours watching clips of movies. Last of the Mohicans, Dances With Wolves, and such. Also I don't think Bambi's ever come across quite so chilling before. Do you know I never noticed the crows in the meadow scene before? Disney can be good in a creepy way sometimes.

Apparently back in the seventies a bunch of sociologists did a survey of people who grew up in the forties and fifties, asking questions about the impact of Bambi. Predictably most surveyed said the most disturbing part was the bit where Bambi's mother was shot - they gave multiple and vivid description of the graphic nature of the scene - blood, guts, etc. This is interesting as Bambi's mother is shot off-screen. I seem to remember hearing that somewhere before - actually reading it. I think it was probably at CDIS, in the art history class. The same one where the instructor explained the virgin/whore dichotomy by contrasting clips from Disney's Snow White, the Useless Princess, with that Christina Aguilera video with the chaps and the... boxing ring? I think. That was a good class. Pity it didn't transfer. ;)

Today was very, very long. Mostly the last bit. With the sitting. For four hours. Gyagh. The first bit was not quite so slow - insane rush to class, complete with morning blah/bus-nausea-and-headache/wanting-to-curl-up-into-a-ball-on-the-floor-somewhere/I-am-so-very-not-a-morning-person/why-oh-why-did-I-have-toast-when-I-know-the-bus-ride-will-make-me-wish-I-hadn't, followed by ravenous hunger once I got out of class, and discovered that, miraculously, there was a free pancake breakfast in the Convocation Mall. Which was, contrary to last semester, actually quite good. Blueberry pancakes. Big blueberries. Size of grapes. And real maple syrup. And a banana. And Tetley tea, not that vile restaurant stuff. It was good. And led to Cara, who sat down at the same table, where we sat for two hours and talked about absolutely nothing, like how we wish we didn't have three-hour voids in our schedules and how we should fill them with going to the athletic centre, and how the only math any of us is going to remember when we're forty is how to calculate a GPA, which ironically is just about the only math that is not useful in the real world. Go figure. (Yes, that's right, I talked to people. Bite me. :P)

Also apparently I'm not the only one who's noticed that Translink has gotten a bit more psychotic than last semester. The 145's been going up the mountain to campus at about twenty kph (which at eight in the morning, standing room only, makes the fifteen-minute trip really, really, really long), all the buses are getting a bit overzealous with the sudden jerking stops, and the Skytrain, for some reason, has been swaying from side to side fit to leap off the tracks. Unsettling, really. I don't think it can just be volume, because it's about the same as usual, though ye gods today was beyond insane. Standing room only in every single bus and train after the bus to the station this morning. Like, hand-span-between-people, oh-my-god-I-can't-breathe standing room only. This morning at Braid a pair of what had to be first-year girls stood ten seconds blocking the door with their feet while their great lumbering boyfriend... well, lumbered up the platform - which itself was so crowded there was a train's-worth of people still on it when we pulled out. A transit cop finally came up behind her, after the train had made its get-out-of-the-door-you-idiot noise for the fourth time, grabbed the handle on her backpack (pink) and pulled her back onto the platform, and I heard him reaming her out as the doors closed. If I hadn't felt so shitty by that point I'd have cheered. Others did. :)

So. A few things to read tomorrow morning, so I'm going to avoid the mistake I made yesterday and go to bed, now. And with any luck my loans will have shown up when I wake up tomorrow. Bastards. >.<

EDIT: As I have just been reminded, Serenity premieres publicly on September 30th. I don't know where it's showing, yet, but when I do find a showing, I'll be getting tickets. So... speak up. Who wants one and doesn't already have one? Lemme know so I can hold your spot. :D
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