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Never have I hated a fictional character this much.

Thirty-eight pages in, and Miss Mary Sue Russell is still insulting Watson with every other line. To Holmes' face, no less (He at least has the grace despite the writer to ponder offense on Watson's behalf, if briefly). I keep having to stop and vent the rage in order to continue. Also turns out she's part American. Also she's got Holmes acting smitten by page twenty-six. And I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that the M.R.H. with which the narrator signs the prologue means exactly what I think it means.

I really, really want to reach into the book and strangle her. Oh my gods.

Yes, this is indeed irrational hatred. I'm not sorry. If anything I beg the excuse of early conditioning and if that comes up stupid, the fact that I was reading and fangirling Holmes at least a year before this monstrosity was published.


So. *evil grin* To take my mind off it, share with me some of *your* literary horror stories! What characters affronted you personally? What awful excuse for a plot had you flinging the book across the room with every other chapter? Extra points for obvious fanfic-made-book. Misery loves company, people. So spill. :)
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