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Don't mind me. (Brief rant on moronic politicians.)

Oh, fuck you, Stephen Harper and your "we don't want a massive childcare bureaucracy" commercial. We do SO. If we didn't we wouldn't bitch about it, given as bureaucracy and a federal-level childcare system is more or less the *only* way to organize daycare on a national scale, which you, you moron, have been saying for years is the only way to do it. What with bureaucracy being completely fucking useless unless you take it all the way, as has been witnessed by British Columbians over the past six years or so. "Take responsibility," or something, I think you said?

"We don't need to tell people how to raise their children?" Excuse me? I think my hypocrisy meter just EXPLODED, in a violent shower of vitriol and stupid. I'm sorry. I must have heard you wrong. Did you just espouse dissatisfaction with the notion that government should be legislating family values? Oh, yes, there it goes again. BOOM. Vitriol and stupid all over the place. You inconstant, sanctimonious, self-righteous ASSHAT. You don't want the federal government legislating values? Then why don't you take your marriage legislation defining appropriate gender roles in family and the large amounts of money and moronic posturing you've lent to campaigns supporting censorship in public libraries and the media and kindly SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS, assuming there's room along with the tree-trunk that's already in there. And please take it as a comment on your truly uniquely, spectactularly, singularly impressive display of ideological backpedalling and utter ass-backwardness that I venture to make that particular suggestion. Mostly I just wish terrible fates upon your ilk involving locusts and winged monkeys.

Angry monkeys.

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