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Summer reading progress:

One book down, out of... uh... *counts* counting only actual books, eight to go. Four of them more-than-three-day-reads. Grrghmmmrphle. >.<

Still need to buy... three books. Library had most of them but on four-hour reserve. Which is so terribly *useful* I don't even know how to express it. Four if I bother with the itty-bitty three-dollar re-compilation of stories I already own and have read. Probably going to have to wait 'til I have, y'know, money. ;)

(On which subject, I forgot to call the BCSAP people about the forms that haven't shown up yet. They remember to send the form I don't actually need, if at all, until January, but not the one I need to run under the nose of somebody important September sixth on the dot if I'm to, like, pay things. Idiots. And now I can't call them 'til Monday. Argh.)

Damnit, getting through them, though, at least a good chunk of them. Need ass-kicking grades next semester. In theory, anyway.

To digress, Summer Writing Progress: uh, zip, nada, zero, naught (and here I would add "bupkis" if I were sure how it were spelt and weren't too lazy to look it up). Which is, actually, bad beyond it making me feel guilty and useless as it impacts directly on any potential post-graduate plans, which is the main reason for my wanting to get through the reading before Fall starts, after all. *headdesk*

To digress further: shoebox_project updated! And. Uh. Guh. Heee! *squee* Just ask mik100 about the voicemail I left her. *big nerdy grin of glee*

*blinks at TV* I think I find Washington occasionally depressing. At least if the dental commercials we get up here from them are any indication. *cringes*

Anyway. Here's hoping I sleep through the whole bloody night this time.
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