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They're pre-empting House... for the Teen Choice Awards. Have I mentioned previously how much I fucking *hate* the Teen Choice Awards? And although I am generally willing to acknowledge that perhaps we must co-exist (at least so long as there is a Teen Culture), when we cancel my snarky elitist medical drama so that they can hand out gigantic novelty surfboards to thirty-five-year-olds playing twelfth-graders and reward Jennifer Love Hewitt for starring in yet another short-lived fad series and demonstrate the sucking void of desolation that *is* Teen Culture, I am going to be somewhat less forgiving. Bastards. >.<

Okay, so although currently experiencing annoyance with the bad-episode-planning stretching-fifteen-minutes-over-five-eps that turned me off Dragonball Z, am now OMGinextricablybound to Naruto. I will get you for this, JB and Tange. Probably by writing even more fic I oughtn't be writing. Damn you, summer reading list! Was getting twitchy over the stretchiness, as well as having to dash across the room to the computer to change eps every twenty minutes, however: Sasuke goes all red-eye and saves Naruto and then dies, and *WEEP*. THIS. SHOW.

Back to Naruto, now, until television can manage to Not Suck again in an hour or so.
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