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They're pre-empting House... for the Teen Choice Awards. Have I mentioned previously how much I fucking *hate* the Teen Choice Awards? And although I am generally willing to acknowledge that perhaps we must co-exist (at least so long as there is a Teen Culture), when we cancel my snarky elitist medical drama so that they can hand out gigantic novelty surfboards to thirty-five-year-olds playing twelfth-graders and reward Jennifer Love Hewitt for starring in yet another short-lived fad series and demonstrate the sucking void of desolation that *is* Teen Culture, I am going to be somewhat less forgiving. Bastards. >.<

Okay, so although currently experiencing annoyance with the bad-episode-planning stretching-fifteen-minutes-over-five-eps that turned me off Dragonball Z, am now OMGinextricablybound to Naruto. I will get you for this, JB and Tange. Probably by writing even more fic I oughtn't be writing. Damn you, summer reading list! Was getting twitchy over the stretchiness, as well as having to dash across the room to the computer to change eps every twenty minutes, however: Sasuke goes all red-eye and saves Naruto and then dies, and *WEEP*. THIS. SHOW.

Back to Naruto, now, until television can manage to Not Suck again in an hour or so.


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Aug. 17th, 2005 04:26 am (UTC)
Dude, the first arc isn't even that good. Just you wait! It pulls you in, and then by the second arc, when all the secondary characters are introduced, you don't even mind that you're getting maybe 15 minutes out of a 23 minutes episode, once you skip over the re-telling scenes, and the credits, and stuff. It is the crack.
Aug. 17th, 2005 07:31 am (UTC)
Sasuke dies...? Oh! the water bridge episodes. Those were great... If you think its DBZ-y now though, wait until around ep 100 when Naruto teams up with his first 5 man unit. Each one of them gets into individual fights that last like 5 episodes a piece. Naruto spends 3 episodes just kage-no-bushin-ing and attacking a guy who kills them all.

See that. No plot points revealed there at all. I would however like to point out... This: http://www.livejournal.com/users/captainspiffy/33476.html
See! I forgot html! I'm Kiba and Iruka. That worked pretty well for me. I think Ari might actually end up a Sakura or an Ino... its possible. Ari's definitely got the inner-sakura thing going on ;)
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