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Two new songs (sort of), and a million voices in my head demanding attention.

Home now, with some food, and my plants haven't died in my absence, and apparently the local wasp population has given up my balcony as a loss (*knocks on wood*), and gods, but it's hot.

A big box of books should be making its way to me some time this week (and let's be honest, that's always fun, even if it is just textbooks - on which subject, I'm nearly out of space on the current bookcase: this could be an issue), and I've got a few weeks to read up for school, to work on the not-especially-secret-but-really-very-cool project with dragonfly13 (Speaking of which, Rissa, when's good for you this week? We should get together and actually get something done. ;)), and write, because I haven't done much for almost two semesters, and it's getting stupid, now, and my Unfinished Projects pain is getting unbearable again. Not to mention my karma if I don't get back to it, seriously, for at least a while. Add to that my dad's just drafting me into his perhaps delusionally ambitious project-in-the-works (it involves expensive cameras and video editing - fear me!), and my head's already hurting at the prospect - but in a mostly good way! Really! Um. (Still really need a job.)

Have all but four books for Fall semester now - of those, I own one in a different format, one's free, and the other two come to... er. Let's just hope we don't need them the first two weeks? o.O

Intend, also, in very near future, to set aside time to actually spend with IRL folk, as we've most of us got the time, now. I think I'm taking sunkistfriend up to SFU Tuesday, but what are the rest of you doing this week? I was thinking picnic, or something like. Big lovely park right here, bigger lovelier one a few minutes away by bus, and I've actually got a proper picnic basket, so we should put it to good use. Who's in? Who's got what off this week?
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