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Just had a vaguely disturbing experience.

Eating cookies (okay, okay I admit; eating the middles out of the cookies... and shame on me... ;) I turned the package over, and read the following:

"If these cookies were any creamier, they'd..."

(and beneath these words was a picture of a little stack of cookies with speech-bubbles)


Also, somewhat more disturbing, as these are cookies sold in a Canadian store, there was, of course, a French translation. It read:

"S'ils etaient encore plus cremeux, ces biscuits feraient...


I won't even *touch* the horror of that translation and the utter failure to transfer the flow and syntax and all... but...

The cookies... have speech-bubbles. And they say... MOO. And worse, the cookies say MEUH.

Is anybody else scared? o.O

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