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Back, in one piece (more or less).

This morning, I arrived at Pearson two and a half hours early, just in case; of course, I then stood in line for two and a half hours, got to counter and the woman told me first there was no way I'd get to my gate in time, then told me second that, whoops, the flight had been delayed. Ran for the gate, found it was delayed again. Then switched gates. A lot. Delayed, again, boarded, sat on runway for forty-five minutes, Air Canada lost my meal, lady next to me spilled her coffee on my shoes, crying baby two rows back, got home two hours late, but gods I have never been so glad to see YVR. Am home now, have tea and some groceries and don't have to panic over exams until tomorrow. I count myself lucky that I got out at all, frankly. lisew is still there and may well be there until Christmas. (On which subject, I doubt you're reading this, lisew, but I talked to your mum and told her you weren't coming in today. Y'know, just in case you hadn't already talked to her.)

Also, at the moment I am like 300 entries behind on my Friends page, and I'm too wiped right now to slog through it all, so if anything terribly important has happened in the last few days, I'm sorry, but I have no idea. It will likely take me several days to catch up.

Home. Tea. Yay.
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