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Leaving Town post, and other anti-social thoughts.

I was on the escalator at Zellers this afternoon, and a mother and her two kids, a boy and a girl who looked about eight, got on a few steps behind me. They were discussing Fantastic Four toys, and the boy was trying to explain why the The Thing toys were better than the Mr. Fantastic toys, because Mr. Fantastic isn't even made of rubber (True. Boggled me, too.)

Anyway, I hear the following exchange.

Boy: No, mom, we don't wanna get it here. They don't have the good ones.
Mother: I saw them upstairs, though. They were on sale.
Boy: No, that's not the cool one. I want the ones that light on fire, or the big rock guy.
Girl: They don't *really* light on fire.
Boy: (in evil voice) They *could*.
Mother: Which one is that, anyway? The... The Rock?
Girl: The Thing, Mom.
Mother: I thought that's the one that lit on fire.
Boy: No.
Mother: So what's the other one? The stretchy one? There's the... the Thing, Sue Storm, and... what's his name... Mr...

I was listening all this time, and we had just stepped off the escalator, and finally I could no longer restrain myself.

Me: Mr. Fantastic.
Mother: *blinking* Oh. Is he the one with the fire?
Me: No, that's the human torch.
Children: *delighted*
Mother: Oh, thanks.
(I walked away.)
Boy: See, Mom? I *told* you. Mr. Fantastic is made of *rubber*.
Girl: Yeah, Mom. You're *old*.

This amused me far more than it should have. Like that time I yelled at the stupid girls after Fellowship, but slightly less embarassing. ;)

So, it's almost ten PM, and I should be going to sleep, soon, because I have to leave for the airport at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Why's that, you ask? Well, if you didn't know, it's because I'll be in Toronto until next Tuesday, for the thinly-veiled excuse to get drunk and talk about comic books that we all know as Dexcon. (Doqz and Dex, if either of you is reading this, I get in at six PM tomorrow your time, not two.)

Anyway, I have to go back to trying desperately to fit my crap many belongings into my suitcase, then get to bed early, as I won't be sleeping much in Toronto. Try to hold the city together without me.
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