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If anyone asks, the answer is "no, you cannot breathe mushroom."

Got up this morning, cleaned everything. Spent following eight hours sitting on couch watching TV. Full day. O_O

So, watching Gray's Anatomy. The first time I saw this show I spent sixty minutes trying to figure out who the hell the actress playing Izzy was, and where I'd seen her before. Turns out, was Katherine Heigl, who played Isabel on Roswell.

Just now, they played an Ivy song (Edge of the Ocean) over a weird romance-and-bizarre-angst montage. It is, interestingly, the exact same Ivy song that played during Isabel's wedding on Roswell, which was also a romance-and-bizarre-angst montage.

I am either a big huge enormous incurable geek (true), or there's conceptual staff in common between these shows (less likely).

Am leaning, currently, towards option A.

Made the Best Mushroom Soup Ever today. Am not going to post recipe, because didn't use one. (Yes. Frustrating, ain't it?) But. Will show pretty picture, which does not do soup justice.

Now pardon me whilst I gather my scattered prepositions.

CTV News: And tonight: Living Under Constant Threat. London adjusts to a tense new way of life... blah blah blah siege, blah blah blah terror, blah blah blah comparison to 9/11...

And the prize for Totally Missing the Point goes to... *eyeroll*
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