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So, um, less than twelve hours left. (I'd rattle off the exact hours, minutes, and seconds, but Kim's computer hasn't got a counter. ;) *dances* Am at mik100's, watching NextGen and drinking tea and reading OotP and impatiently pausing every few minutes to go "eeee!" and bounce up and down. (Last night I kept waking up and closing my eyes with great resolution thinking "the longer you sleep, the less time is left." It's like Christmas. Just more definite. :D)

I got up, drank tea, read some OotP, drank tea, moved some of Kim's earlier cooking into tupperware, drank tea, made my spinach dip (which is now safely away in the fridge, because I really, really want to eat it - definitely the best batch I ever made - which I might have done if we'd gotten the bread yet, which we haven't, so it's safe, more or less), and am about to drink tea again. I am going to have sooooo much caffiene in me by tonight. *bounces again* So you lot might like to stand by just in case my poor little heart can't take it. I haven't been this excited about a geek event since Return of the King came out. And for that I was still finishing my costume the night before.

Which reminds me, I need to tidy up my Hogwarts uniform. The hem is all straggly and trailing threads - I was in a bit of a hurry when I finished it last Halloween - and I need to de-fuzz it with packing tape before I wear it. Also possibly iron the shirt (I am going to run out of things to do very soon and then the madness will set in, so those of you not doing anything else today would do a good and merciful thing in coming over early to distract me with something shiny or at least share in my madness. (I can't even really write, as I am at Kim's, and neglected to bring any backups. Can'twaitcan'twait until I get my not-so-new laptop. Although admittedly at the moment I am more excited about tonight. ;)

Okay. Off to do that.

Then drink more tea.

EDIT: Just to re-iterate, please, folks, if you're coming, be here by nine. If at all possible. If not, and we happen to leave without you, I at the very least will have my cell phone on.
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